On a sick leave. Again and again.

Well hello, there! Remember me? 🙂 Apparently I’ve been lost in space and time and I’ve finally found my way back to here and now! 😉

The thing is, I was sick. I had a bad case of tonsillitis which lasted for a couple of weeks, during which the kid and I went to recuperate at my parents’. What would we do without mothers/grandmothers, eh? Just when I got properly on my feet again, the kid got sick! Of course! Another two weeks passed. This brought a ton of work for my job and the household on standstill. Just imagine the piles of dishes and dirty laundry, heaps of clean clothes waiting to be folded, ironed and put away. Ahhhh. Never ending story. My partner does help, but some days are just impossible with him being late from work and the kid clinging to me incessantly. So lately, I’ve mostly been doing that.

Well, apart from the time the kid got sick again, puked all over the bed five minutes to midnight on the 31st of December. Oh, joyous New Year! The next day he refused to eat or drink so I had to take him to an intravenous rehydration to the hospital, where we stayed for two days due to severe dehydration. This was crazy! The kid didn’t even look so bad to me but because he couldn’t hold anything in I thought maybe we should take him to the doctor to get him checked out, just in case, and when they tried to take his blood it wouldn’t even flow because of the desiccation. So we had a bit of a scare, there. Pheeww! Not to mention that my father also got sick, as well as my partner and my grandmother. I thought, oh well, I am as healthy as a horse, until I had to vomit violently (sorry if this is to graphic :D) right before we were released from the hospital. My mother was the only one left (alive) healthy and had to take care of all of us. Thank god for mothers/grandmothers, again!

I don’t know should I blame the kindergarten or this year’s mild, too warm winter. All the kids I know have been down with this or that in the last couple of months. You’d think the kid would have a break from it for a while, but no. He’d contracted god knows what two weeks ago and after eight days of fever the tests for viruses and bacteria were still all negative. We were half on our way to the infectious disease clinic when the antibiotic he was prescribed on the off chance that it might work started doing it’s magic. Phew, again!

So now, with the kid safely back to day care, I am finally able to sit down, check what’s up with my blog and perhaps write a post or two again. I still have a lot of work to catch up on, but I am tired and need some time for myself, else I might get sick again, too. Which in my case wouldn’t be so bad at all, to be completely honest. A bit of television and books, my partner cooking for me and doing the household chores, the kid being especially nice (yeah, right!) and above all, lots and lots of couch! With me on it! 🙂 Until the day in the very near future when the kid burns up again, no doubt on a Friday evening when I cannot reach his doctor till Monday. 🙂 Well, yeah. Se la vie. But for now, I’m enjoying a little quiet solitude with a little treat, just for me, all for me. Freshly out of the oven! Hungry, anyone? 😉




Are your kids healthier than mine? Do you have them at home or do they go to the kindergarten?