Being a Mum

Hi. I’m Anna. (Hi, Anna!) I am a mum to an 18 months old toddler and because I sometimes more and more often feel the need to vent(ilate) a bit  I thought writing this blog could be a fun thing. When embarking onto a new stage of the kid’s growing up I frequently need advice on certain matters, like food allergies, potty training, good behaviour, etc. So I figured I could share my experiences when I do something right and when I blow it, plus I could whine here when the going gets tough instead of going crazy all by myself. Writing has always been a good therapy, right? 🙂

An important post scriptum: I am just a mum, not a super hero, not a know-it-all being, I don’t have a mum certificate and above all – I only have one kid (so far), so I am really not an authority on parenting. But I do try to make my way and things have been looking good.

This is it. Let’s do it.


5 thoughts on “Being a Mum

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